Despite the increasing importance of social networks, community development needs to take place both on and offline.

In both online and offline communities, users tend to show various behaviors depending on their skills, privileges, and responsibilities, which ultimately establishes their roles within a social situation/circumstance. Such social roles organize people’s…

New data shows depression rates are high and the burden falls disproportionately on people already at risk


As of late, despite the fact that the world has witnessed the emergence of infectious diseases from the beginning of time, globalization has assumed a prevalent function in the spread of neurotic agents, prompting worldwide pandemics. This has added more prominent unpredictability to the regulation of diseases, which had critical…


In this project, we will use a number of different supervised algorithms to precisely predict individuals’ income using Adult data Set collected from the UCI machine learning repository. We will then choose the best candidate algorithm from preliminary results and further optimize this algorithm to best model the data. …

Uma Gunturi

NLP Enthusiast | Researcher | Final-year CS Student

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